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Workbenches are great for packaging, assembly, inspection/testing, and countless other uses in factories and warehouses, but sometimes they can be uncomfortable to work at because workers must bend, stoop, or contort to access work. Southworth offers two unique solutions to this age old workbench problem.


The first is the ELEVATION STATION. This adjustable height workbench can be raised and lowered simply by pressing either of the two foot pedals (one on each side).


The other option is a Lift-Tool™. This "no power required" device can be place on any workbench, and with nothing more than a cordless drill, workers can raise and lower loads up to 300 lbs.

Elevation Station

The Elevation Station is a light duty, inexpensive elevating work station. It can provide the operator infinite height adjustment whether sitting or standing. One of the unique features is a removeable and reversible platform. No tools needed; just pop it out, flip it over.


Lift-Tool™ Workbench Lift
Turn your workbench into an adjustable height workstation with no mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic installation required.