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Coil Handling & Roll Handling Equipment


If your facility has applications that require roll handling equipment or coil handling equipment, Southworth has the products you need to make the job faster, safer and easier. We manufactures a wide variety of equipment for lifting, positioning and transporting large, heavy rolls and coils. From Coil Cars to Roll Upenders to Tilt Down Tables, Southworth has a product for every roll handling or coil handling application.

LS Style Coil Cars
Ideal for coil handling of small/narrow coils
Opposed Cylinder Style Coil Cars
Move coils weighing up to 70 tons
L Cam Style Coil Cars
Coil Handling Equipment - Coil Cars - Move coils weighing up to 20 tons
Upender / Roll Upender
Reorient rolls and coils for transport or loading
Tilt Down Tables
Ideal for loading or unloading rolls from processing machines