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Please note that we have a $50.00 Net minimum on Parts orders.


*NOTE: The NE521AA0 hydraulic jack has been redesigned.

If your serial number is lower than "L-248493", then you will need to purchase one NE350050MA (new style Jack Plate) in order to be able to mount the new style NE521AA0 in your machine.

Item NumberModel Number Description Weight (lbs.) Lead Time List Price
ND810000A-800 Floor Lock with Shoe 3 2-3 days $79.44
NE521AA0*A-800 Hydraulic Jack 11 2-3 days $378.55
NE350050MAA-800 Jack Plate 1 2-3 days $23.68
38-WK-150UA-800 Rigid Caster 7 2-3 days $104.98
ND810200A-800 Shoe only for Floor Lock 1 2-3 days $14.38
38-WJ-150UA-800 Swivel Caster 8 2-3 days $126.71