Pallet Stackers

Pallet Stackers

Stackers Ideal for Plants or Warehouses

Versatile new Stackers from Southworth Products allow workers to lift, transport, and position up to 3,000 pounds at a time. Available with manual or electric drive, Southworth Stackers feature battery-powered electric lift, with lifting heights of up to 80”. Designed to handle any type of pallet or skid, they are available in two basic configurations. The “fork over” design works with any type of open-bottom pallet or skid, and the “straddle” style accommodates any pallet or skid, even those with “closed” bottoms. Standard fork lengths are 45” for fork-over models and 42” for straddle units, but forks are available in other lengths. The space between straddle forks is adjustable, as is the space between straddle legs.

Southworth Stackers are highly maneuverable and feature an ergonomically contoured pallet-truck-style handle, a high-visibility mast, and dual-wheel casters with toe guards for easy, safe positioning. A short overall length (63-66”) and large turning angle make it possible to lift and stack in confined areas. Controls are all conveniently located in the handle, at the operator’s fingertips. A locking hand brake provides greater control than foot brakes found on competitive models. A wide variety of options are available.


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