Powered PalletPal

Powered PalletPal


Southworth Products Corp announces the addition of two new models to their popular line of PalletPal® Level Loaders. The new units are powered and allow operators to precisely position loads at the most comfortable working height. Unlike automatic level loading devices that require loads to be uniform, Powered PalletPal units work with non-uniform loads, making them ideal for manual palletizing applications where loads, weights, pallet sizes or product dimensions vary greatly.

Loads weighing up to 4,000 lbs. are adjusted by means of a simple footswitch. Pallets can also be rotated on the PalletPal’s turntable to allow operators to always be working on the nearside of the load, eliminating walking around the pallet.

Two configurations are available, Pneumatic (airbag) or Hydraulic. Both are available in 2,000 and 4,000 lb. capacities. The hydraulic unit operates on standard 115 volt power and the pneumatic unit can be used anywhere that “shop air” is available. They have extra wide bases so no lagging is required and built-in fork pockets to simplify relocation and come with a two year warranty. The addition of either device to a manual palletizing operation will virtually eliminate bending, reaching, stretching and walking around.

The original spring PalletPal was introduced by Southworth almost twenty years ago and revolutionized the process of manual pallet loading and unloading.


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