Powered Turntables

Powered Turntables

Southworth Powered Turntables are designed to the application and are available in a full range of capacities up to 6000 pounds and platform sizes up to 60" x 60". They included a 1/2" thick solid steel platform, oversized center pin and lubricated for life center pin bushing. Rotation speeds range from 1.5 RPM to 2.0 RPM. They feature a lowered height of only 9". Standard Voltage is 115/1/60.

Like our conventional (manual) turntable, powered turntables can be mounted to a lift table, fixed height platform or the floor.


  • Powered Turntables can be Mounted on Most Southworth Lifts
  • Turntables Made from 1/2" Steel Plate

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  • Powered Turntables

    ModelTurntable PlatformCapacityTurntable SpeedShipping Weight
    PTNT 36-2000P 36" x 36" 2000 lbs 2.0 RPM 300 lbs
    PTNT 36-4000P 36" x 36" 4000 lbs 2.0 RPM 300 lbs
    PTNT 36-6000P 36" x 36" 6000 lbs 1.5 RPM 300 lbs
    PTNT 48-2000P 48" x 48" 2000 lbs 2.0 RPM 600 lbs
    PTNT 48-4000P 30" x 30" 4000 lbs 2.0 RPM 600 lbs
    PTNT 48-4000P 30" x 30" 6000 lbs 1.5 RPM 600 lbs
    PTNT 60-2000P 30" x 30" 2000 lbs 2.0RPM  800 lbs
    PTNT 60-4000P 30" x 30" 4000 lbs 2.0 RPM 800 lbs
    PTNT 60-6000P 30" x 30" 6000 lbs 1.5 RPM 800 lbs

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