Hand Pallet Truck Accessible

Having workers sit idle while they wait for expensive fork lifts and trained operators to load lift tables and container tilters is an enormous waste of time that costs businesses millions of dollars in lost productivity every year. Using lifts that can be fed by a simple hand pallet truck allows workers to feed their own machines and eliminates their reliance on fork lifts and fork lift operators. All of the products in this gallery can be feed by hand pallet trucks.

ZTU Pan MainE-Z Reach Universal Tilters

- Can be fed by a hand pallet truck
- Accepts any style container
- Minimum reachover

 - Floor space
Price Range: $5,800 - $6,600

PalletPal Roll E Alt 1aPalletPal Roll-E Level Loader

- Can be fed with a hand pallet truck
- Operator controlled for precise positioning
- Four sided accessibility with minimal reach over

- Will not work with closed bottom pallets
Price Range: $4,900 - $5,600

Roll C Alt 1PalletPal Roll-On Level Loader

- Can be fed with a hand pallet truck
- Total operator control for precise load positioning
- Works with varying load weights and non-uniform loads

- Requires electrical power
- Cost
Price Range: $6,100 - $8,500

LiftMat MainLiftMat Series Floor Height Lifts

- Can be fed with a hand pallet truck
- Four sided accessibility
- Zero reachover

- External power unit
- Requires ramp for pallet truck accessibility
Price Range: $4,800 - $5,500

Floor Height Lift MainZLS Series Floor Height Lift Tables

- Can be fed with a hand pallet truck
- Capacities up to 6000 pounds
- Can be relocated

- External power unit
- Some reachover when working from sides
Price Range: $5,500 - $9,800

Hand Pallet Truck Accessible

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