Moving Between Levels

Using an inclined conveyor with gentle grade requires a substantial amount of floor space. A vertical transfer table with a conveyor top allows materials to be conveyed on at one level and off at another, thereby eliminating the need for lifting.

Backsaver Lift Alt 7Backsaver Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables

- Over one million configurations
- Not limited by capacity
- Four sided accessibility

- Does not lower to floor height
Price Range: $5,500 - $8,000

Backsaver Lite 4Backsaver Lite Lift Tables

- Available in multiple configurations
- Four sided accessibility

- Low capacity
- Requires electrical power
Price Range: $2,100 - $2,700

LiftMat MainLiftMat Series Floor Height Lifts

- Can be fed with a hand pallet truck
- Four sided accessibility
- Zero reachover

- External power unit
- Requires ramp for pallet truck accessibility
Price Range: $4,800 - $5,500

Moving Between Levels

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