Machine Feeding

In almost every case we've seen, production equipment works faster than the people feeding it. Using ergonomic lifting and positioning equipment to aid workers not only increases worker productivity, it increases machine productivity improving ROI and shortening the amount of time it takes for production equipment to pay for itself while also improving worker safety.

PTU Tilter Alt 3E-Z Reach Portable Container Tilters

- Portable for use in multiple locations
- Can be used to retrieve containers from staging areas
- DC Power
Price Range: $3,700 - $4,700

- Can not be used with containers that have leg reinforcing bars or closed bottoms

ZTU MainE-Z Reach Roll-On Container Tilters

- Least expensive container tilting solution
- Can be fed with a hand pallet truck
- Minimum reachover

- Can not be used with containers that have leg reinforcing bars or closed bottoms
- Typically must be dedicated to a work cell
Price Range: $3,500 - $4,200

ZTU Pan MainE-Z Reach Universal Tilters

- Can be fed by a hand pallet truck
- Accepts any style container
- Minimum reachover

Floor space
Price Range: $5,800 - $6,600

Fixed Height Tilters T TA Alt 1Fixed Height Tilter

- Can be floor mounted or on stationary table
- Ideal for smaller containers

No height adjustment
Requires fork lift for loading
Price Range: $2,600 - $4,600

Lift And Tilt MainE-Z Reach Lift and Tilt Container Tilter

- Independent lift and tilt mechanisms allow precise positioning
- Virtually unlimited capacity
- Up to 90 degree tilt

Requires fork truck for loading
Price Range: $7,900 - $9,900

Dandy Leveler ALt 3Dandy Levelers

- Automatically adjusts height
- Portable
- Available in two capacities

- Will not work with full size container
Price Range: $950 - $1,500

Machine Feeding

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